Agency Agreement Software

For these reasons, it is generally desirable for a general manager who appoints a sales agent representing all activities in the United Kingdom to expressly stipulate that any payment upon termination of the agency contract is made on the basis of “compensation” and not “compensation”. If you use our application api-interfaces (APIs), development tools or associated software, you will comply with the API conditions on that are included as a reference. Implementation problems or software errors that the customer encounters under the SaaS agreement pose the vendor`s problem. The supplier is responsible to the customer under the SaaS contract and is required to resolve any problems directly with the customer. 14.9. This agreement (and its exhibits, annexes and supplements, if any) sets out the parties` full understanding of the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and negotiations relating to the purpose of this agreement. An agent is a person or company acting on behalf of the SaaS supplier to find leads and/or to assist in the sale of the supplier`s SaaS software to local customers in the agent`s territory. The representative has no legal relationship with the client – the broker does not have a contract with the client. The supplier enters into a SaaS contract with the customer using the terms and conditions and SLA of the supplier. g. Common Leads. If we decide to participate in the same sales process as you, which has the effect of selling the subscription service to an interested party who would otherwise not have been valid, if it is not registered (i) is not registered, (ii) has not been accepted, (iii) has not expired, or (iv) exceeds registered capacity limits or other applicable limits (each of a “shared lead”) and you have an active commitment (defined below) with such a shared lead, we may find, at our discretion, that Shared Lead is considered a registered interest, accepted and valid for the purposes of the “Authorization” section above. An “active engagement” means that you have a fully executed written agreement with the shared lead, under which you provide your consulting services, which (i) is either before the date on which the sale of the subscription service is concluded, or signed at the same time as the sale of the subscription service, and (ii) or ninety (90) days at least beyond the conclusion of the sale of the subscription service, or has a specific and identifiable delivery, as we know.

HubSpot may ask you to validate that the end user is in contact with you (for example. B by providing a copy of your storage contract with the end user, if we wish), in order to obtain a managed balance and or validation sold. A recent decision by the High Court in Software Incubator Ltd/Computer Associates UK Ltd[1] stated that the software is a good thing for the purposes of an agency trade agreement that allows a commercial agent not to demand “fault” from the software provider after the termination of the contract. A distributor is a person or company that enters into a sales contract with a supplier to purchase the supplier`s SaaS software and services. The SaaS software is sold to the distributor in accordance with the supplier`s saaS and SLA conditions.

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