Agreement Between Reseller And Customer

Creating Zendesk Marketplace apps: integrations and applications created or developed by Zendesk or its affiliates and made available in the Zendesk Marketplace (available under available) under this Agreement, unless Zendesk provides you with another agreement at the time of your availability or access to integration or application. Businesses can grow quickly if you use third-party resellers. However, entry into a resale operation requires protection. Resale agreements should include provisions that protect both the business owner and the reseller. Reseller relationships exist in many forms and forms, such as.B.: “order form” refers to the online or paper order document or any other document between the customer and the dealer, which indicates the corresponding docusign services ordered and purchased by the customer from the dealer; in the event of a conflict with the services, terms of service, the details of the item or descriptions or conditions of license and/or subscription applicable (e.g.B. order and purchase dates) between the order form and the corresponding order form or any other order document between the dealer and DocuSign, the contrary conditions in the order form or other order document between the dealer and the docuSign apply to the customer. This reseller program agreement (“reseller agreement”) is between the dealer concerned, referred to as “reseller,” and Mozello SIA, a company created under Latvian law and referred to as “developer” under the following. 9.3 Independent risk allocations. Any provision in this agreement providing for a limitation of liability, a disclaimer or exclusion of damages constitutes an agreed distribution of the risks of the agreement between the contracting parties. This allocation is an essential part of the basis for negotiation between the parties. Each of these provisions is deductible and independent of all other provisions of this agreement, and each of these provisions applies even if the safeguards in this agreement have not met their essential purpose. “sales contract,” the order form and any other agreement between the customer and the reseller regarding the purchase of DocuSign services by the dealer`s customer. Companies generally allow the use of their trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights by third-party resellers.

However, companies should include provisions in agreements and contracts to protect their intellectual property rights. The provisions should include property rights, rules of use, offences and conditions of use. SaaS agreements for resellers include a software provider that has granted a reseller rights to contracts with customers as the supplier`s client. These agreements can become complicated and require skill to develop to ensure the protection of all parties involved. The applicable annexes, annexe (eis) and service system (e) are determined by the DocuSign services purchased on the purchase order (the service schedules corresponding to the respective DocuSign services are available here:

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