Can Franchisor Terminate Agreement

There are, of course, circumstances in which immediate and unforeseen action is required. Perhaps the franchisor discovered that the franchisee was dishonest or had created a separate and competing business. In such circumstances, the franchisee would have to fall like a ton of bricks on the franchisee, which means that fairness and brand management come out the window. Beyond the damage that such a franchisee may cause, it is sometimes necessary to prove to the rest of the network that such behavior is not tolerated. Most other franchisees will support the franchisee`s actions under these conditions, particularly where the defective franchisee`s conduct damages the reputation of the franchised business and, therefore, of its own business. There were philosophical arguments that came from an extreme where there were requirements for a franchise period to never stop, unless it was terminated for some important reason or by agreement to leave things as they are now. Home > Blog> Can I cancel my franchise agreement? For a franchisee, whether or not a franchise agreement is an illegal termination is a serious threat to the business you`ve worked so hard to build. It can often happen unexpectedly and seemingly for no reason. However, depending on your particular circumstances, you may be immune from termination or non-extension and may be able to challenge such a situation. Here are some important points about franchise agreements and what you should do if you are faced with one of these life-changing events.

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