Clp Grid Connection Agreement

The public-private partnerships in power also require an interconnection, Grid Connection of Power Pooling Agreement. This type of contract defines the responsibilities and royalties for connecting electricity generated by an independent generator to the owner of the grid, usually a public body. Model Bilateral Liaison Agreement used by the UK National Grid Company (NGC) for customers wishing to connect to their transmission system. This model agreement covers the system login and usage code (CUSC) developed by NGC and submitted for approval to the UK Regulatory Authority (OFGEM). We support customers who want to install small renewable energy systems in their properties by providing technical advice and helping them connect these systems to CLP`s power grid to help them. In order to ensure the safety of the power supply, we can provide an evaluation mechanism to ensure the proper management of procedures and technical tests. The CUSC is a complex document and therefore cannot be adapted to adapt to developing countries without making substantial changes. However, NGC provided a brief summary of the CUSC. Details and application forms of the pricing system can be found on this website. Throughout the process, CLP will technically support and support the connection of renewable energy to the CLP electricity grid.

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