Domain Name Sell Agreement

What exactly would a confidentiality clause look like, for example, in such a draft contract? It is also a non-commitment clause that Elliot Silver previously advocated. Are there good examples of this specifically for the domain sector? 3. Approval of personal jurisdiction. If the parties are from different states, you might want to try to get the seller to accept a personal violation in the buyer`s state. Needless to say, if I worked with someone who had considerable experience with domain names, there was less time to spend on research and therefore the cost was lower. Look, I agree that if you can afford to use an IP lawyer, it`s probably a smart move; But most domainers can`t afford to do that. Hence the great crowdsourcing exercise of a transaction model. Since it is clearly not interested in unethical business practices, we felt it was in our interest to add some content to the other assurances. It would definitely be very easy for him to spend $5 on another similar domain (.us .biz .etc) or a bunch of them. and change flows. And of course, next time, double it. 5.

The seller is allowed to transfer the domain name without any claims from third parties. Oops, we`re back with third parties. Lessons for sellers: Remember that absolute statements are absolute. Try to avoid warranties. Try to limit the insurances (or guarantees if you have to give them) to your real knowledge (for example.B. without having carried out an investigation). Lessons for buyers: Try to include warranties. Put them as wide as possible. Make sure you have insurance and guarantees that will actually help you. For example, the model agreement does not provide for insurance or guarantees regarding: thank you for sharing this information. I bought domains under trust agreement and I didn`t know that I could still be in trouble and that I could fall victim to IP and competence problems.

A domain name sales contract expresses the current owner`s wish to sell all rights, interests and title of the domain to the buyer. On the other hand, the buyer acknowledges the desire to acquire the rights, interests and title of the domain to the seller. In other words, the agreement confirms the desire of both parties to sell and buy the domain….

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