Duquesne University Housing Agreement

Starting in March, we will send a welcome email with a link to the residential preference form and agreement to any student who contributed to participate in Duquesne the following fall. You have the opportunity to tell us if there is a particular person you want as a roommate, as well as a number of things that will help us find a roommate for you if you don`t have the mind. You also have the possibility to let us know your preference for the type of room, etc. 8. Students with physical or psychological conditions, so the university cannot offer accommodation and/or catering services that are compatible with their lifestyle needs. It also requires supporting materials from a licensed professional caregiver, tailored to the student`s circumstances. 5. Students with one or more dependent children in their care during the visit to The University of Duquesne. The Office of Residence Life provides highly qualified staff of Resident Directors, Assistant Resident Directors and Resident Assistants who assist these students every day (24 hours a day). Among its tasks, the Office of Residence Life helps everyone feel safe and at home. Academic perseverance. Resident students are more likely to maintain acceptable grades and earn a bachelor`s degree more often.

3. Students enrolled and taking eight credit hours or less. Learning who and where you`re going to live with can be one of the most exciting parts of preparing you to come to Duquesne. . If you receive your Commitment to Duquesne from the Admissions Office, you can pay your $500 deposit online, which maintains your place in the class and starts the process for you. NOTE: The university campus residency policy does not provide for financial necessity as a reason for release. Therefore, waiver requests based on this principle are not accepted. Students who need financial assistance are invited to discuss their situation with the Financial Aid Office. The campus residency requirement is a university policy. Therefore, compliance with the rules is a prerequisite for enrolling a student at Duquesne University. Students included in the campus residency policy must complete one of the following steps: 2.

stay with parents or legal guardians. Staying with a direct family or legal guardian is defined as follows: students may benefit from exemptions from the campus stay policy under certain conditions. The eight (8) conditions that may exempt a student from the campus stay policy are: parameters that are used to determine students` entitlement to a campus stay exemption for the fall semester: One of these three options must be completed by June 1. . . .

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