Dutch Irbc Agreement

Trade associations in the insurance sector, civil society organisations, trade unions and the Dutch government have signed the agreement on responsible international investments in the insurance sector. This agreement helps to improve understanding of the international supply chain, thereby preventing and combating human rights violations, environmental abuses and animal suffering. Insurers are expected to conduct an effective risk assessment and, if necessary, adjust their policies accordingly. So far, the Dutch government has concluded good governance agreements with Dutch sectors and civil society organisations. The following agreements outline how companies can work with civil society organizations and the government to prevent abuses in the areas of human rights, workers` rights and the environment. On 20 December 2018, a broad coalition of more than 70 pension funds, the Association of Dutch Pension Funds, Non-Governmental Organizations, Trade Unions and the Dutch Government, signed the Responsible Business Conduct Agreement on Responsible Investment by Pension Funds. The aim of this agreement is to help pension funds gain a clearer picture of the international investment chain and thus use their influence to prevent or address problems such as human rights violations and environmental damage. In the first year of the agreement, the parties will work to develop an instrument to help pension funds identify and address these risks. Dutch companies work together for more responsible management at the international level.

The CRII agreements are one of the newest tools that have been designed to achieve this goal. CNV is involved in the process of creating these agreements for businesses, governments, employers` and trade union organisations and social organizations, in order to make their supply chains sustainable and socially responsible. The Dutch government strives to promote a responsible economy, managed in accordance with OECD guidelines for multinational companies. To this end, good governance agreements will be concluded with 13 Dutch industries and civil society organisations. The agreements outline risks to be avoided in terms of human rights, working conditions and the environment.

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