Hawaii Association Of Realtors Rental Agreement Pet Addendum

To help homeowners reduce the cost of damage caused by a tenant`s pet, Hawaii revised Statutes 521-44 (b) allows an owner to recover a pet deposit of one month`s minimum rent. This bond is treated in the same way as the surety. This means that a tenant of a pet owner may be able to return the first month`s rent, a one-month rent deposit and a one-month rent deposit at the beginning of the lease. The landlord does not have to pay the deposit up to one month`s rent. Depending on the property, the animal and other considerations, it can be much smaller. The consolation for the landlord must be the fine for the tenant for the stay beyond the duration of the tenancy. Many homeowners think they are entitled to double the rent. The problem with this conclusion is that the lease is the word “can be held responsible for double the monthly rent under the lease.” Step 8 – The tenant and landlord must start and date the bottom of the first page in recognition of their understanding and consent. Note: When establishing regulations, an association and/or association lawyers should always carefully review construction declarations and statutes to confirm that the proposed rules are in accordance with existing documents. E. That the resident agrees to compensate, compensate and defend the rental agents against any liability, judgments, expenses (including legal fees) or claims Step 19 – At the end of the page, “acceptance of the lease” is verified by all parties involved.

Here, each tenant must indicate the signing date, their signature and the printed version of their name. There will be room for four tenants to sign. Below, there is an area for the signature of the designated agent, the date of the landlord`s signature, the owner`s signature, the printed version of each signature and the title of that person. Note that if a designated agent is involved, the first field in this section must be activated, it is also a signature line, and then it must be extracted from either the licensed Brokerage box or the unauthorized agent.

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