Hmis End User Agreement

(To sign the HMIS user agreement, the user must complete the HMIS security training) Institute for Community Alliances HMIS Website – HMIS HelpDesk – HUD OneCPD Resource Exchange – I agree to keep my HMIS user connection and password safe. The specific responsibilities of Wisconsin HMIS users are listed in section 2.1 of the HMIS guidelines and procedures. In addition, users must comply with all other provisions of the HMIS guidelines and procedures manual. This manual and its appendices document HMIS data protection, security and data requirements, as well as data entry requirements. If a user has a customer account in the HMIS, the user is prohibited from changing their own file. Users are prohibited from processing HMIS accounts of immediate family members. I will only collect, enter and extract data from the HMIS that is relevant to providing services to the clients I work with. I agree not to leave my computer unattended while I`m connected to the system, and I agree to unsubscribe from the system before leaving my workspace. The Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a joint project of the four Wisconsin Continua of Care (CoC) – State Balance, Madison/Dane County, Milwaukee City/County and Root City/County – HMIS Lead Agency and participating partner agencies. HMIS is an internet-based data collection application that aims to identify information over time on the number, characteristics and needs of the homeless and people at risk of homelessness.

I agree to properly protect custom information about the material printed by HMIS and store it in a safe place. I understand that my user ID and password are only for my use and should not be shared with anyone. I agree to enter and maintain accurate information in the HMIS. Check out the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Advisory Board user agreement. This table collects and stores customer-level information on the number, characteristics and needs of the homeless and people at risk of homelessness. I agree with the training requirements in the HMIS policy and procedures manual. Users should ensure that their customers are notified that their personal data is being entered into Wisconsin HMIS. Partner agencies may require clients to give explicit or implied consent to the client. Users must comply with the consent requirements of their partner agency.

Users should allow their customers to decide what personal data can be entered, if they exist, in the HMIS and shared with partner agencies. The customer`s consent may be revoked by that client at any time by means of a written notification. No customer can be denied services because they have not given permission to share HMIS data. Customers have the right to check, copy and request changes in their HMIS records. I agree to use the data within HMIS only for the purpose of providing the service I have read and I will respect all policies and procedures in the Wisconsin HMIS Policy and Procedures Manual. I received training from the HMIS Lead Agency on the use of HMIS. . I agree to notify my agency administrator or my HMIS system administrator if my agency does not have an agency administrator if I suspect that HMIS security has been compromised.

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