Internship Agreement Vub

Doing an internship during your studies is a smart step, as you gain invaluable work experience while expanding your professional network and improving your CV. The position will begin as soon as possible, by appointment. If you have any questions about this type of internship, you can contact your faculty`s secretariat. More information about these internships can be found in online course descriptions or on the faculty`s website. If you have any questions, please contact your internship tutor. The MDJ cluster is looking for an intern with a keen interest in judicial and anti-terrorism policies, as well as project work. The main tasks of the trainee are based on the description of tasks for the following projects: the H2020 Mindb4Act project, the FAIRNESS and JP-COOPS projects. Through this internship, the MDJ cluster offers a living work environment and the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in its academic and political activities. The internship would also allow the trainee to develop their knowledge and skills in EU policy and national migration and diversity policies. The intern will work primarily with Dr.

Irina Van Der Vet. The internship can be combined with a clean research as part of a master`s thesis or the development of a research proposal on doctorates, which can be supported. You can do these internships either in Belgium or abroad. Mandatory internships or voluntary internships as part of your course We regret not being able to find the page you requested. We apologize for not finding the page you requested. The Institute for European Studies (IES) cluster for Migration, Diversity and Justice (MDJ) is looking for a full-time trainee for three months (February-April or March-May) (the exact launch date is being negotiated) based in Brussels. A three-month extension is possible. Please use our search engine or check out our Site Plan. If you have not obtained the information you are looking for, please contact us by filling out this form. Use a Busca peg or visit o Mapa do Site. Se neo consegue encontrar a informa`o procurada, favor nos contatar preenchendo esse formulaterio.

Thank you for your visit to the Organization of American States website. A p├ęgina que solicitou pode ter sido removida, renameada, or, ainda, estar temporariamente unavailable. The searched page may have been deleted if the name has changed or is temporarily unavailable. We offer interesting and varied work in a friendly and multicultural atmosphere, and our trainees are quickly involved in many varied activities.

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