Logging Subcontractor Agreement

In short, a contractor uses a subcontractor to assist with a project. What does that mean? If the master contract has the above language, then if the customer is suing you for something the subcontractor has done, then it`s on you. The customer will not sue the subcontractor if they have access to you. Later in this article, you will read how you manage this situation. (a) the contract or subcontractor provides that the contractor or subcontractor performs one or more phases of the harvesting of a purchaser`s wood among those who are not holders, contractors or subcontractors and who, in the Minister`s view, are impartial in disputes between licensees and contractors or between contractors and subcontractors. a. No exclusivity. The contracting parties are aware that this agreement is not an exclusive agreement. The parties agree that they are free to enter into similar agreements with other parties. If the subcontractor indicates that they have their own insurance policy, you are asking for proof in the form of an insurance certificate. Then you ask your subcontractor to designate you as “additional insured” in the general liability policy.

Depending on the name, you get the same protection as your subcontractor. Therefore, if you are sued for damage to the subcontractor`s cause, the subcontractor`s insurance will cover you for the claim. The subcontractor agrees that, for the duration of the agreement and for a period of any reason, neither the subcontractor nor its members, employees, representatives, related companies and/or subcontractors will provide, for any reason, services to each customer, whether or not it is similar to the services provided (here you describe the nature of the service). Since it is difficult to quantify the damages that the subcontractor will provide as a result of a breach of this agreement, the subcontractor will immediately pay the subcontractor, upon request, the sum of the sum (in dollars payable in the event of a breach) of US dollars (US dollar due in the event of breach of contract) for any breach of that agreement as damages for breach of that agreement and not as a penalty. (a) as a percentage of the total amount of this type of work under the licence or licence under a fibre basket contract, the amount of the phase contribution, the volume of work to be done under the contract in relation to the total amount of work to be done in the context of the timber harvest under the licence or licences under a fibre basket agreement; is equal to the amount of work to be done under the contract in relation to the total amount of work done in the context of timber harvesting under the licence or licences under a fibre basket agreement to which the contract is bound, established in a manner consistent with the approach of paragraphs (c), d) and e); (c) the “subcontractor” in this standard provision is considered the reference to the part that is the subcontractor, as defined in this section, First read your compensation clause with your own client – you want the subcontractor to compensate you for everything you have agreed to compensate the client, if your government laws permit it.

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