Medical Agreement Form

This agreement on medical services (“MSA” or “agreement”) is concluded on the date of the 20th between the `contracted doctors` and the user of the clinical freelancer I.D. is `%`%`. The Health Care Facility and contract Medical Professional engaged The Services of Liberation Medical Systems, Inc., a Company in the State of Florida (`Freelance Clinician`) for research or the provision of medical services. and, inconceiving, that Health Care Facility and Contract Medical Professional intend to enter into a medical services contract in which health Care Facility MedicalContract Professional is responsible for providing medical services as independent contractors to clients and patients of health facilities; Now, given the reciprocal obligations contained in it, and for other good and valuable counterparties, the parties accept and promise as follows:1. Definitions.As are used in this agreement, the following terms have the following meaning: i. Occupational incompetence or negligence of the CMP;ii. CMP does not have a current and valid certification or license, which is necessary for the implementation of services under this agreement; iii. CMP is contrary to the standards of medical care applicable to the services provided under this agreement.iv. CMP does not notify HCF of service as planned and without notice; this is contrary to HCF`s drug abuse guidelines;vi. CMP does not comply with HCF`s written guidelines for the provision of services under this agreement;vii. CMP does not meet the qualifications indicated by the employment notice.

It`s a .viii. CMP violates the provisions of paragraph 9 of this MSA with respect to confidential information about HCF. Description: This directive governs and guarantees uniform conditions for the employment of physicians contracted by contracted physicians to provide medical care to public patients admitted to a public health facility. The directive imposes, as related documents, the form of presentation of the medical services agreement to be used by health care providers: the failure of one of the parties to insist on compliance with one of the conditions of this agreement or the waiver of a violation of any of the conditions should not be interpreted in the sense that they subsequently waive such conditions. , but the same will continue and will remain complete and effective. , as if no such indulgence or liberation had taken place. a. HCF and CMP recognize and accept that the value, reputation and value of Freelance Clinician depend on the performance of their agreements and agreements in this agreement by HCF and CMP. That is why HCF and CMP designate Freelance Clinician as the third beneficiary of this agreement in order to meet the commitments and benefits granted to Freelance Clinician through this agreement and user agreements between Freelance Clinician and each of its respective .b. During the duration of the contract and for a period of nine (9) months after, HCF and CMP do not agree to appeal to the other party, nor to enter into an employment contract, agreement or contract between them, except through Freelance Clinician. c.

The parties hereafter include the terms of the rights and benefits granted to Freelance Clinician under those use agreements. In the event of a conflict between a provision of this MSA and the use agreements, so that the two provisions cannot enter into force, the provisions of the user contract prevail over the contradictory provision of that MSA.

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