Redweek Rental Agreement

I used to rent my sharing units part-time. I do not pass the device to the tenant until I receive the full payment. In my resort, once I transferred it, it`s gone and I can`t get it back. If the tenant didn`t pay the rest, I`d be lucky! We have successfully rented on various websites using a rental agreement that protects us both as owner and potential tenant. The owner I contacted told me that to confirm the booking, I had to send one of the following options for full payment: check, payment order, check. I this time renting shares via Redweek was very responsive when refunding to me as soon as the owner and I reached an agreement as soon as the Bahamas closed their limits for U.S. citizens. Very simple process. Thank you very much for this in these turbulent times. Wonderful service, apparently the uncertainties of the missing rental. My only reservation is the time available to me to make funds available to non-Americans, but that may have been mitigated by the fact that the banks take pictures of cheques. I`ll know in three months.

If that were the case, I would change my rating to 5 star Redweek has now sold 5 of my Marriott timesharing weeks and secured a late lease on another property. I can no longer be pleased with the advice they have given and the efforts they have made to complete the negotiation process and reach an agreement. They offered consistent, clear and frequent communication and immediately answered all my questions and requests. In the end, they led, and I simply took their advice because they perfectly represented my interests and essentially acted as if they were me. I could add everyone with a virtual smile on the way. I was disappointed to read in other reviews that some people didn`t think Redweek served them properly. Of course, most of the people who complained did not understand Redweek`s role. To me, Redweek acts as an agent that facilitates transactions between unrelated buyers and sellers, people who would not otherwise be there. They help to enter into a contract between a landlord and a buyer or tenant, but are not contractually bound to any of the parties.

It is therefore not appropriate to criticize them for what is outside their role. Redweek has a good reputation. Let`s all be able to keep it that way. Darla A – Please go to our resources tab and see the FAQs: FAQs ( My wife and I rented a condo from Don and Belinda Franke via RedWeek. Our rent was in March 2020. We had to cancel our trip because of COVID 19. The Francs refused to refund the money we had all paid in advance. RedWeek did not provide any assistance, although it was verified. This is the second experience with redweek.

I booked another “verified” booking. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the resort had about 40 14 days and we couldn`t go for the dates booked in September. We have inquired with Marriott and Interval internationally to rewrite the owner of the part-time operating bank.

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