Student Tenancy Agreement Template Uk

The tenant`s right to occupy the room only begins when the lease has been accepted by all tenants (if it is a joint tenancy agreement) and (unless the lessor does not waive it) and the first rent has been paid. Documents provided by the guarantor must also be accepted by the landlord or agent of the lessor 1.7 Subject to clause 2.1, this rental agreement is a tenancy assured shorthold (defined in section 19A of the Housing Act 1988). The provisions of section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, according to which the owner takes over the property, apply to this rental agreement. This means that you cannot assert legal rights of residence once the rental agreement is over and a court order states that you must leave. The owner who instils section 21 must terminate it in writing for at least two months. For more information, you should contact a housing advisory service, a lawyer or a citizens` office to tell you what this means. · `rental deposit scheme` means the rental deposit scheme as defined in section 212(2) of the Housing Act 2004; · “lease agreement” means the lease agreement established by the lease letter and the rental terms; As part of the agreement, some landlords/agents will give you a guarantee and ask you to have your parents guarantee your rent. It is very important that such a guarantee explicitly limits your parents` financial liability to your son`s or daughter`s rent/damages. Unipol has prepared a model guarantee that does this. Before someone signs, it`s important that you and your parents understand that if you`re late in rent or the cost of the damage, they`re responsible for the payment.

This also means that if one of the joint tenants decides that they wish to terminate the contract and withdraw it (although this can normally only happen after a pre-agreed period of time), all tenants may be asked to leave, unless they reach an agreement with the landlord. 1.8 If you are under 18 years of age, the lessor does not grant you a rental agreement, notwithstanding the other provisions of the rental agreement, and this rental agreement instead serves as an agreement for the lessor to grant you a rental agreement within ten working days of receipt of a written request from you under the conditions set out herein. Until such lease is granted to you (the “License Period”), you have the right to occupy the space. This Agreement shall not be considered to be the sinking of outer space and, during the licence period, any occupation of space shall be carried out only by the licence. It and the lessor must both comply with and fulfil their respective obligations imposed by the agreements and conditions of this lease (to the extent that they are not contrary to clause 1.8, as if a lease had been concluded on the date of this agreement). The lessor has the same rights and remedies with respect to any breach of the obligations imposed on you by the agreements and terms of this rental agreement, as if a lease had been entered into at the time of this agreement. . . .

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