The Server Does Not Comply with the End User License Agreement (Eula)

Using the client software. You may use the Client Software on a number of devices equal to or less than the maximum number specified in the purchased edition and associated purchase agreement. It is your responsibility to purchase CALs (i.e. for operating systems, SQL or otherwise) in accordance with paragraph 1(c) above and subject to the restrictions set out in paragraph 2. 1.7.3. Maintenance and support for subscription license type. If the product license type licensed to you is the subscription license type, maintenance and support (if we offer it) are included in the subscription fee for each subscription period. False. This 4-year-old thread refers to Server 2008 Foundation, which has a limit of 15 users and cannot be increased. There was no CAL foundation. 6.1 This Agreement applies to updates and upgrades, supplements, additional components or components of the Internet services of the Software that axes4 may make available or make available to The End User after the End User has purchased an original copy of the Software, subject to separate provisions. The only exception may be if you have selected device mode for the domain license and more than 15 devices are accessing the domain.

Because Server 2008 does not manage licenses that must be set on a 2003 domain controller. This is just a long guess as I don`t know exactly how Foundation Server would bypass after licensing the device. Could there be more than 15 devices (PCs, servers, laptops, mobile PDAs)? Any reports or information regarding your use of the Software and any other information, results, comments or user suggestions that you have provided to Commvault with respect to the Software (collectively, the “Feedback”) will be considered non-confidential to you. By providing your Feedback, you grant and transfer to Commvault a worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license, under your intellectual property and other proprietary rights, with the right to grant Commvault licensees and customers the sublicensee rights, rights to use, and disclosure of the Feedback in any manner chosen by Commvault and for posting, making, copying, producing, making available, using, selling and eliminating comments in any way and without obligation. You also agree that the Software may automatically provide commvault and its third-party licenses with certain survey reports and information, including the compilation and collection of geolocation data, about its use and reporting features that you may disable at any time. Such reports or information is used in an unidentified or confidential manner that is used solely for internal purposes of Commvault or its third party licensees. Most retail software licenses (to the extent permitted by local law) disclaim any warranties on the performance of the software and limit liability for damages to the purchase price of the software. A well-known case that has confirmed such a disclaimer is Mortenson v. 8.3 Upon automatic termination of this Agreement, End User is required to destroy all copies of the Software and all components thereof. 1.18.2.

Entire Agreement. This EULA and all terms expressly incorporated herein by reference constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the subject matter of this EULA and supersede all prior and contemporaneous communications, oral or written, signed or unsigned, with respect to such matter. The use of any order or other document provided by you under this EULA is for administrative purposes only and all terms and conditions set forth therein are void and ineffective. Except as expressly provided in this EULA, this EULA may only be modified or supplemented in writing and signed by you and us. (c) rent, rent, sell, distribute, pledge, assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer or encumber any right in the Product; 1.1.9. “Order” means a written or electronic order document entered into between you and us (or our affiliate or an authorized reseller) for the Product. Unless otherwise specified in an order, each order is subject to the terms of this EULA and includes the name of the product to be licensed and restrictions on use, applicable fees and all other details related to the transaction. If you think of Windows Server 2012 Essentials as an option, don`t worry.

This operating system is also limited to the user, but to 25 users. Ideal for a desktop that can have a simple file server, but once you`ve added any type of service (and service accounts), you`ll quickly grow to 25 accounts. While there is a better transition point, you still need to buy another copy of Windows Server to get there. By installing, copying or otherwise using this Software, End User acknowledges its acceptance of the Software and agrees to be bound by all the terms of the EULA. If it does not agree to be bound by these Terms, it may not install, copy or otherwise use the Software and return it unopened to Seller for a full refund in accordance with Seller`s refund policy. 1.1.2. “Governing Laws” means state, federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, including, but not limited to, privacy and security laws and regulations in any applicable jurisdiction. 1.11.2. Product reference results. You acknowledge that all reference results relating to the Product are our confidential information and may not be disclosed or published without our prior written consent. .

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