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To obtain a refund for Medicaid benefits, eligible health care providers must be approved for registration by a written agreement with HHSC. Supplier registration is described in Section 2 of this training. If you are seeking an agreement through a healthcare provider, send a copy of the TMHP notification letter to: The manual contains guidelines that were in effect as of January 1, 2011. Suppliers should refer to articles on the TMHP website and the Texas Medicaid Bulletin for policy changes that were implemented on January 2, 2011. Suppliers should always check the current year`s manual, newsletters and banner news to check for updates to the directive. The Texas Medicaid Bulletin is produced six times a year. The editions are available in the TMHP online publishing library. Banner messages are displayed weekly in a vendor`s “Transfer” and “Status” report and can be viewed from the same publishing library. TMHP publishes the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual, a comprehensive manual for Texas Medicaid service providers. It contains information on the benefits, policies and procedures of Texas Medicaid.

The Child Health Manual contains information specifically for children. During this training, you will see references to the manual. In the TMHP online publishing library, you can link to the HTML manual or download a PDF or ZIP file from the entire book or chapter. Under a new federal mandate, all Texas Medicaid providers must regularly validate their registration in Texas Medicaid. Suppliers registered by January 1, 2013 must re-register by March 24, 2016. Note: Group care for adult care contracts, emergency services, home catering and home care are not Medicaid contracts. Providers can access the full functionality of the system with a PC with Internet access. Suppliers simply enter card information into the vendor portal.

Suppliers are responsible for costs when they implement one of the automated methods. Costs may include purchasing a card reader or adapting its own system; However, suppliers do not necessarily need a new card reader. With additional software, the card reader can be used for credit/debit cards. . For more information, visit the DSHS Immunization Department at 800-252-9152 or in the DSHS Immunization Department. TVFC information is also available in Appendix B of the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual 2011. With information and information, Texas Health Steps-designated staff encourage parents or caregivers of authorized patients to use dental care and preventive treatments when patients are entitled to Medicaid for the first time and whenever patients are due for their next dental exam.

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