Uni Trier Learning Agreement Teil 3

In addition, grants under the EU ERASMUS programme do not reduce the training allowances provided for in Article 33a(2) of the TSTEG (judgment of 17.10.2001 [III R 3/01], Bundesfinanzhof in Munich). Exchanges of students, teachers and other staff are based on a cooperation agreement to be concluded in advance between the participating institutions (partner institutions must have an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). 2. The administrative supervision of your mobility as well as the award of scholarships are provided by the International Affairs Unit. In spring (winter semester) or autumn (summer semester), we contact the selected students. All administrative procedures for staying abroad will be discussed and you will be fully informed about the possibilities of assistance and erasmus+ processes. In order to give you the opportunity to exchange with former Erasmus students, an information grant takes place twice a year, during which “returnees” share their experience. If you would like to participate, you can contact us. The unit`s employees support you on an organizational level throughout your mobility abroad. We are convinced that a stay abroad should be an integral part of studies. Since an Erasmus stay is mainly carried out in Europe, many distances can be covered by bus and train to reach the host country. The advantage of a train trip is the fairly unlimited luggage taking and the slow journey.

1. Technical assistance shall be provided by the competent erasmus+ coordinator(s) of the faculty. Switzerland, as a programme country, is suspended in Erasmus+ from the 2014/2015 academic year. To this is added a software: Mobility-Online. Please register here if you are planning a stay abroad. From now on, we, employees of the International Business Unit, can advise you and advise you on your mobility. Depending on the resources available, the duration of the aid may be shorter than the duration of the stay. This will be communicated to you in the commitment made before the start of the trip. Before the stay, it is also possible to take a language course abroad. The language learning period can also be encouraged. To do this, an official confirmation of successful participation in the course must be presented to the International Affairs Unit. .

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