Vacation Rental Damage Agreement

Security cameras: Some homes may have cameras as part of a security system. In most cases, these cameras are directed exclusively to doors and entrances, but in some cases they may include views of residential or outdoor spaces. By signing this agreement and renting this house, you recognize that there may be cameras in the house and accept its use. These cameras are for the protection of the home as well as you and your property. Under no circumstances are these cameras used for public or commercial purposes. You can cover all the cameras that look at the residential areas (if we haven`t done so yet), but the door and entrance cameras must remain active for security reasons. If you have any questions about using cameras, please contact us. We are happy to tell you if the house you are renting provides surveillance cameras and give more details about them when it does. Were the damage minimal and clearly random? Was the client easy to be in your accommodation? Maybe it`s worth dragging the damage. CANCELLATION BY AVR: If, for any reason, the property can no longer be leased outside the appropriate AVR control prior to the customer`s arrival date, AVR may revoke that contract. In this case, the payments made are immediately refunded to the customer. Until check-in, the AVR reserves the full power to assign the customer to another vacation rental. Appropriate efforts are being made to replace a property of equal or superior size and quality.

If the cost of replacing or repairing an item is less than $20 and the customer is the one you would like to re-host, insert it at the cost of the transaction. Because if you accidentally dropped a plate in a rented apartment, don`t you want the host to tell you that it`s okay? There`s a good chance that you`re going to get a loyal customer out of the deal and end up earning a lot more than you`ve lost. It should be self-evident that these deposits exist for only one reason: to cover the cost of repairs in the event of extreme damage. The missing inventory should also be included in the “damage to the apartment” category. Finally, you need to replace the missing item as surely as if the item was damaged or broken. NOISE ORDINANCE: The city of Palm Springs has a strict noise regulations that limit noise to a respectful level at any time of the day. In addition, no music (including telephones) is allowed outdoors at any time, including indoor music that can be heard on the house line, and no noise is allowed after 10pm outdoors. The city informed the neighbors that the property is used as a holiday apartment. Neighbours are advised to call the city hotline with all disturbances, and the city will impose penalties on the owner and our business and notify the local authorities. EACH VERIFIED NOISE VIOLATION IS IN ITS IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF THE PROPERTY WITH NO REFUND, AND ALSO A FINE AT LEAST 1000. IT`S A CITY-WIDE ORDINANCE AND WE HAVE NO CHOICE IN THIS…


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