Duquesne University Housing Agreement

Starting in March, we will send a welcome email with a link to the Housing Preference Form and an agreement to each student who submitted their participation in Duquesne the following fall. You have the opportunity to tell us if there is a specific person you would like to have as a roommate, as well as a number of things that will help us find a roommate for you if you don`t have one in mind. You also have the possibility to let us know your preference in terms of room type, etc. New students receive their room assignments and contact information for their roommates electronically from the Office of Living in Residence in early July. Campus life is an exciting and challenging part of the university experience. In Duquesne, about two-thirds of full-time students on campus live in dormitories called Living Learning Centers. (Find out why they are so much more than just dormitories!). The Office of Residential Living helps everyone feel safe and at home. . Learn who you will live with and where can be one of the most exciting parts of preparing to Come to Duquesne.

The Office of Residential Living provides highly qualified staff of Resident Directors, Deputy Resident Directors and Resident Assistants to assist these students on a daily basis (24 hours a day). Their responsibilities include: When you receive your acceptance for Duquesne from the Admissions Office, you can pay your $500 deposit online, which will keep your place in class and begin the process for you. .

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