Tenancy Agreement Appendix

8. Cleaning costs: the tenant is expected to leave the apartment clean at the end of the lease, and place all unwanted items in the crates, and remove the same from the apartment, and put on the sidewalk, ready for garbage collectors. If the tenant does not leave the apartment as it is, the following cleaning costs may be charged against the deposit: Zone: $25.00; Frigidaire: $25.00; Kitchen (including cabinets), bathroom (including all fittings and tiles) and all other rooms: $15.00 each. 7. Caution: a security deposit of a monthly rent is required and held in trust by the landlord until the lease is terminated. The deposit should not be considered rent for the last month of rent. The security deposit is repaid in full, with interest reduced by 1% account maintenance costs within thirty (30) days following the end of the lease, minus all damage caused by normal wear and less cleaning costs, if any. The parties hereafter agree to the following terms of this lease: 17. Private Life Tenant: Tenant will have the quiet enjoyment of this apartment. The landlord will notify the Memorandum of Understanding on the intention to enter this apartment 24 hours, except in case of emergency repairs. 10. Early termination: The tenant agrees to occupy the apartment and pay the rent for the full duration of the rent.

The landlord frees the tenant from the tenant`s obligation to take out the full term of the tenancy agreement: 1. Apartment Rental: apt. No.______. 14. Insurance: Owner`s insurance covers damage or loss due to fire, theft or, by other means, building layout and owner`s installation. It is the tenant`s responsibility to protect the tenant`s personal property with the tenants. The tenant undertakes not to make claims against the landlord for such damages or losses. (b) The tenant pays the normal rent for one month after the date of the written notification and 5. Late charges: Tenants pay a __________if rent is more than five (5) days late. 18. Signatures: The person who signs this lease as a tenant declares that he has the power to sign for anyone else who occupies the apartment.

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