Tg Rental Agreements

For more than 25 years, we have been helping investors and homeowners maximize their rental income. This payment is a non-refundable payment and expires if the applicant withdraws his application, does not comply with the reference procedure, provides false or misleading information about his application or is unable to enter into the lease on the agreed date or before the agreed date, as described in the lease communication. If the lessor withdraws from the rental for a reason other than the one mentioned above, the down payment/booking fee is refunded within 7 days. Assuming that the rent application leads to a positive conclusion, these funds are part of the first month`s rent payment. As a landlord, we need references from potential tenant employers, bankers and, if necessary, former landlords through a referral agency before agreeing to rent. We are aware that your investment or investments are of the utmost importance to you, which is why we have cloud systems and a rental portal accessible by PC, tablet or smartphone, and we offer you real-time access to the latest rental contracts, supplies and even your monthly rental bills, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. In some cases, owners may be prepared to provide additional furniture or equipment. For information on how to contact your property manager and how to report a problem or error, click the button below: Garden maintenance is usually the tenant`s responsibility, unless otherwise stated. Please note that the reference agency requires tenants to earn 30 x 1 month`s rental between them to rent a property (z.B. 30 x 600pcm – 18,000p.a.) Prospective tenants should review all the properties they wish to check, where they can then apply for tenancy. All applicants must be over the age of 18 and be prepared, in the context of indeterminate employment or in the event of non-employment, to provide a surety ready to be evicted or to pay in advance the full rent for the duration of the lease, in addition to the agreed bond.

For applicants who decide not to pay the down payment and booking fees, the application and referral procedure do not begin and the applicant is warned by the owner and/or the owner that the property is available to the open market for visits and may have another applicant considered by the lessor. Once an agreement has been reached with the lessor and you are satisfied with the rental notification, a document confirming all the terms of your proposed rental, you must pay a down payment or booking fee to continue your rental application. The amount of the booking is equal to the cost of a week`s rent. Pet owners must promote their real estate to say that pets are allowed. If you rent, these units are subject to a higher monthly rent, which is why we require all tenants to disclose, during the application process, whether they have pets. Please visit the Council`s website for the Council`s latest tax bands. Only one inmate can benefit from a 25% discount. Under the new legislation, we are not allowed to charge a fee to tenants unless the building is rent, for example. B an operating tenant. Therefore, we advise you to visit our “Tenant Fees” page, which accurately describes the fees charged when renting a property.

We can also help comply with homeowners, insurance and tax obligations and the resident landlord system. The owner is responsible for the real estate insurance with the insurance of the owner`s contents. Any basic or principal rent is also the responsibility of the landlord. In the case of housing or accommodation, any maintenance/administration/service tax is the landlord`s responsibility, unless otherwise stated.

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