Tutoring Agreement Sample

This way, you can run your business smoothly and minimize litigation that could significantly harm your business. This tutoring contract may be terminated at any time by both parties by written notice to the other party (____) ______ days in advance. If the student is a minor, the parent/legal guardian enters into this tutoring contract on behalf of the student and accepts and accepts all the conditions contained therein on behalf of the student. Each party is responsible for its own costs related to Internet data and software/subscriptions in order to facilitate online tutoring. Today, more than ever, academic performance plays an indispensable role in determining whether students qualify to attend their preferred school and pursue the university degrees of their dreams. As a result, private education has become increasingly popular, with more and more students striving to improve their grades. In our example tutoring agreement below, we offer other options under some of the paragraphs that you can edit in your Word program to compile a large number of sample tutoring contracts. A very important aspect of the tutoring contract for both parties is to clearly define the status of tutor as an independent contractor responsible for their own tax returns and insurance. Any time lost due to the late arrival of the tutor is compensated by the extension of a lesson of mutual agreement and by the time lost. Our training form templates are fully customizable and can be tailored to your needs. Start by choosing either one of the sample educational forms or by creating your own template.

JotForm form templates for educational institutions are free and easy to use. Payment is made immediately after the completion of a remedial course.

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