Virginia Commercial Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreement

2 B. Deliveries by the seller in the count. At the count, the seller must provide the buyer: (i) a general guarantee agreement with full English property right (the deed) that transfers to the buyer a good marketable price with a simple property on the property, free and free of all duties, charges, conditions and restrictions, with the exception of the non-due and payable property tax duties, as well as any challenge to the title to which the purchaser does not object and/or has waived these objections under paragraph 5; (ii) an affidavit in favour of the purchaser and his title insurer, which is satisfactory to the securitized company of the purchaser (sworn insurance), which states: (i) no legal right of guarantee has been conferred with respect to the ownership of the property, unless there are no outstanding leases or agreements relating to the property or the authorized parties, except in LA iii) a certificate of non-foreign status covered by Section 1445 of the 1986 Internal Income Code and all other certificates required by a state agency or state agency; (iv) If the property is leased, a certificate of tenant-Estoppel and an assignment of the tenancy agreement (including the transfer of the deposit to the settlement) for each individual tenant of the property, in the forms acceptable to the buyer; and (v) reasonably. Other seller certifications such as lender buyers or hedging company may be C. costs and prorations. The seller bears the costs of preparing the facts, the financial assistance of the beneficiary and all other costs incurred by the seller. The buyer must pay for the search for securities, title insurance premiums, survey fees, lender fees, grantee tax and all other settlement fees of the buyer. Property taxes, rent, CAM and predispositions are divided on a pro-rata basis between the seller and the buyer, depending on the date. Each party bears its own legal, accounting and other costs related to this agreement or billing. D. State of the property. The buyer agrees to accept the property in the site in his physical condition if this contract is fully executed by all parties, unless it is provided elsewhere.

The seller agrees to keep the property in good condition and to repair it until billing. In the case of a settlement, the seller agrees to transfer to the buyer all existing guarantees, if they exist, on the roof of the land, structural components, CCCs, mechanical, electrical, safety and health systems.

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