A word or two about my music …

My songs explore my passions as they focus on messages and movement; on our ability to face and overcome obstacles that keep us from being fully realized in the moment. They chronicle my transitions and the lessons learned along the way. I try to account for the tough decisions, the emotions that spill out, and my unbridled joy in being alive. 
Lyrics are as important to me as the music.  It is the twists and turns of the story that I want to share.  I like word play and double meanings.  In the microcosm of my experience, I hope there is a kernel of something that resonates with others; something common to the human condition.  I have written comments about the songs to provide a bit of context. Thank you for listening!
Check out the other pages on my site for samples of my songs and a few videos. You can go to my YouTube channel here: Jo Berger Music YouTube Channel. If you like what you see and hear please subscribe.
For more information, please contact me via e-mail: joedberger@gmail.com.