Jo B. & Walton

Whether playing solo or collaborating with my fellow musician Walton Mendelson, I am passionate about my music. Walton and I play together as the duo Jo B. & Walton. Walton plays the electronic wind instrument (EWI). The EWI is a controller that utilizes a variety of sounds. Some of our favorites are the trombone, trumpet, clarinet, and baritone sax. There are also unusual synth sounds that seem to hit the right feel for some of my original songs.

We are both very ecelctic in our musical tastes. We play an easy-going blend of originals, folk, latin, jazz and blues. I love the interplay of my vocals with the melodic improvisation of  Walton’s electronic wind instrument. Grounded by the rhythms of my guitar, our duo creates a fresh, original sound; a fusion in music. More videos, lyrics, and song recordings to come soon. Please check back often and consider subscribing to my youtube channel.

“When Jo B. & Walton play sunshine fills the room! Music so bright and joyful you can’t help but smile. Jo Berger and Walton Mendelson perform beautifully together, creating a seamless and surprisingly full sound for just a duo. Their personalities come through in their performances instilling the listener with a sense of being with good old friends.” – Jennifer Cohen, Host, Verde Valley Experience TV Show.








Noche Tropical
This is a song I wrote for our two sons who are great dancers.
It is about two lovers filled with passion in a crowded plaza.

Come Home Tonight
This is a fun bluesy tune about a gal that keeps picking the wrong kind of guys.

I Don’t Need You
It seems a lot of blues tunes are written from the man’s point of view.
I wrote this tune to give a nod to the female perspective.

Che Posso Fare
This is a tune I wrote about two lovers separated by continents and the ocean.

Demonstration Blues
Sometimes you need to take a moment in the struggle for change to recharge.

Tears are Streamin’
I wrote this tune to explore the conflict between being true to your passion and true to your heart.
Sometimes they are not one and the same.

Jo B. & Walton Sampler
This will give an idea of the diverse nature of our music. We play a lot of my original songs coupled with a select mix of covers that we like…particularly some jazz standards and folk tunes. We adapt our song choices and volume to the venue where we play whether large or small.

Standin’ In The Station
I love train stations and traveling by train. Especially the old European trains with compartments.
You never know who you will meet and the conversations you will share. Train stations are filled with joy
as loved ones step off the train, or a bit of sadness as the moment of parting arrives. This song was written
about experiences I had in Italy.

Brothers Berger
In July 2011, our two sons ventured out into world to seek their future. They both left home within a few days of each other.
Alex headed to Denmark for graduate school and David Nathaniel joined the Peace Corps for service in Zambia Africa.
We were excited to see what adventures they would encounter. We knew they were compassionate, smart, creative,
human beings that would change their world wherever their journey led them.

Ain’t Necessarily So/Nobody’s Fault But Mine Medley
This is a favorite cover medley of ours.

Scotch and Soda
I first heard the Kingston Trio perform this tune in the early ’60s and it has remained a lifelong favorite cover tune.

Hold Fast
In July 2011, our son David Nathaniel Berger became a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia Africa. His area of focus was health and community development. After 3 months of in-country training, he was posted to the remote village of Chisunka in Luapula Province. He lived in a mud brick hut without water, electricity, indoor plumbing, or refrigeration. He was assigned to a small local health clinic that served 9200 people of all ages. The obstacles he faced daily were difficult. The strength of the Peace Corps program is its focus on sustainable grassroots development where the community, not the volunteer, determines what is needed. We were inspired by the work that David and other volunteers accomplished. I wanted to write a song that would encourage and support these fine men and women in their service. The message also applies to everyone who is on a path of self-discovery and service to humanity.


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