Upcoming Performances

COVID-19 has made live performances pretty difficult at the moment. We have been very conservative and cautious in our choice of performance venues. Until things get sorted out a bit more, we will limit our performances to outdoor spaces where people can be safely distanced.

Jo B. & Walton Trio

There is news though! Walton and I have been joined by Steve Farina who plays the cajon (box drum). We are now a trio! Through the summer, we have done several cul-de-sac concerts in my immediate neighborhood. We chalked off ‘safe circles’ so everyone was socially distanced, and it felt great for everyone involved. Our Justice Choir recently participated in the Peace Vigil for the International Day of Peace and it raised everyone’s hopes and spirits for a better world.

Coffeehouse Concerts
Prescott Public Library
Prescott Public Library YouTube site

The Coffeehouse Concerts series Lives! This is our third season! This very successful series is funded by the Friends of the Prescott Public Library. Because of COVID, we are unable to safely offer live performances at the Library, so we are now videotaping each one and uploading it to the Library’s YouTube site. Each month we will have a scheduled premiere event where people can get on YouTube and enjoy the concert together virtually. It continues to be a wonderful intimate listening environment where singer-songwriters can share their songs and stories.
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September  D-Squared

October  Sue Harris

November  Aaron Howard

December  Eric Ramsey

January  Brad Newman

February  Linda Bilque

March  JC & Laney

April  The Singer and the Songwriter

May  Jo Berger and Walton Mendelson